Please Check Entry Form for Rules on Individual Events:

1. Play shall be in accordance with the Rules of the World Golf Handicap System, the Club Local Rules and the Competition Rules. Any questions or disputes will be dealt with by the Administrator on the day, whose decision shall be final.

2. Current Active Handicap Certificate Required at Check-In.

3. Applications withdrawn after a start time has been allocated will be charged a 10% administration fee, within a month 25% and for cancellations within seven days no refund will be given.

4. Approved measuring devices may be used in this competition.

5. Competitors are responsible for booking their own buggies with Hawkstone Park Ltd.

6. Slow Play is to be avoided. Players who cannot score on a hole MUST PICK UP and failure to do so could lead to disqualification.

7. Starting times will be notified to the first mentioned on entry forms and only if a stamped addressed envelope is sent with the application.

8. Hawkstone Park Golf Club reserve the right to refuse entry into the competition without explanation.

9. All entrants must be members of a registered/affiliated golf club.