Mr Phil Hollins

Phil has always lived in the Whitchurch area, having come from many generations of farmers. He was a dairy farmer on two farms near Whitchurch.

When he was younger, other interests were riding in races and cross country.

He took up golf aged 50 and was encouraged to join Hawkstone park by Nigel Chesters and he has enjoyed playing here since.

His other recent interests include bridge, bowls, a local snooker team with other Hawkstone members.

He is also a part of a race horse syndicate.

He is married to wife Clare and has two daughters.


Tuesday 25th October

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Congratulations to all the team members who played in the Ken Smith Trophy and helped Hawkstone win this prestigious trophy!

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Spotlight on Mr Alan Walker

Past Captain and Past President of HPGC

Alan was born in 1936 and joined Hawkstone Park Golf Club in September 1968 with his friend Bill Wooley, who had just got his first set of full golf clubs. Both Alan and Bill were athletic, enjoying football and running decided to give golf a try. Unlike Bill, Alan only had a half set of clubs and carried them around in his cricket bag.

Very soon the club professional and head green keeper Alex Lyle had Alan in the correct attire complete with the correct clubs, bag and accessories, starting Alan on a long association with Hawkstone Park Golf Club. Alan’s handicap today is 27.2, which is remarkable for his age of 85, but his best handicap was 4 when he broke the standard scratch for the course with a round of 69. For many years Alan played off 6 and visited the club 5 to 6 times a week. Now weather permitting Alan still plays twice or three times a week.

Over the past 54 years playing golf Alan has a cabinet full of medals and cups too numerous to list. But if you look on the Honours Boards both Hawkstone Park Golf Club and the County’s you will see of Alans achievements, albeit under J. A. Walker. That’s right he is called John Alan.
1981: The Marshall Stocker Bowl, 2000 with K. Atkinson: Gray Challenge Bowl and in 2008 with A Hughes: Dennis Martian Salver. The Captain of Shropshire & Hereford Past Captains Society.

After joining Hawkstone Park Golf Club the very next year, 1969 Alan joined the Management Committee. In 1970 Alan became Head of Matches and Competitions and in 1976 had the honour of being the Club Captain at the tender age of 40. The next position was being the President of our club in 1995 and 96, as well as holding the office of Membership Secretary from 1982 through to 2017. When Alan reached 55, he joined the seniors and became a committee member the same year running the senior competitions until 2020.

One prestigious Cup the Seniors play for is the Walker Cup, which Alan presented to the club in 2002. Not an easy cup to win as it is played over 6 rounds, three on each course of the white tee with the best two rounds from one course is added to the best one round from the other. Alan is and always will be an ambassador for the Club, the game of golf and a true gentleman who has put back more into the game than he took out.
His claim to fame was playing with Sandy Lyle in the Hargrove Trophy which many of us can only dream about. When the Weston Course (Now the Championship Course) was first open and Alan was President of the Club, again had the privilege of being the second pairing after Sandy Lyle drove off.

2004 was another great year for Alan and Hawkstone Park Golf Club, when as Team Captain they won the Ken Smith County Trophy played annually by the county’s senior players. The six-man team comprised of Alan, Mr Tony Harrop, Mr. Gerald Smith, Mr. Bill English, Mr Alan Molyneux and Mr. Cyril Ashley, beating Ludlow in the final 4½ to 2½. Unfortunately, we have not held the trophy since.

Alan has always lived in Wem, and during the war years one of his jobs was to attend to the allotment, growing vegetables and looking after the chickens. I wonder if our children of today at the age of 6 to 8 could be intrusted with such a task!! It was on the allotment that Alan had his first brush with the German War Machine, when the Luftwaffe flew over the allotment, Alan's mother screamed out for Alan to duck down, only to hear the reply “I don’t think he come to get me Mum” and carried on working. Alan joined the Post Office Telephone company working for 40 years seeing all the changes up to the time it became B.T.

What a true statesman and stalwart and we are all grateful that John Alan Walker joined Hawkstone Park Golf Club and was an active member helping the club achieve its current status over the last 50 plus years.


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New member information from 2021 Seniors Captain Roger Toogood

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The Seniors' Section is open to all members of the Club who have reached the age of 55. The sections' activities are administered by the Seniors' Committee which is chaired by Seniors' Organiser Peter Townsend who is a Welsh scouser for his sins!!!!

Sectional activities comprise both competitive and social golf with the section meeting on most Tuesdays throughout the year. The programme consists of weekly winter competitions ranging from stablefords, drawn team competitions and friendly roll-ups.

Throughout the summer the section has a busy programme of interclub matches and numerous trophy events in addition to "normal" Tuesday activities.

Over the winter the section supports the County Seniors' Scratch Team event playing for the Ken Smith Trophy which the section won in 2004 and have reached in final in 2006, 2009 & 2019.

All who are qualified by age are welcome to participate in the section's activities and are assured a friendly welcome!

If you have attained the qualifying age, are not on Peter’s database, but wish to added please contact him at

Paul Corfield's Ace

New recruit to the Seniors' Section, Paul, achieved the first hole in one of his golfing career.

Paul, who plays off 12, achieved his feat on the 150 yard 6th hole at Lilleshall Golf Club using a 7 iron. Very well done!
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